Concert Photography

Camera gear is not cheap, so when Alex asked me to shoot for free I initially said no. Between saving up for a trip to Iceland in one month and earning back the money put into my Tamron 150-600 there’s not a lot of room for an unpaid concert shoot.  But of course I ended up saying yes, I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity, and it ended up being a good decision.

The show was at a spot called Velvet Jones down on State Street. It’s a pretty small venue but the shows make up for the size. On a sold out night, the place is literally packed up to the walls with people, there’s almost no room to move at all or take photos. Thankfully this show was not a crowded, in fact, there were only around thirty people in the crowd. Needless to say, the show was still awesome.                   

This photo was one of my favorites from the whole night, I love how he’s out of focus and the light from the persons phone is the main focus point, shows you how into it they are. This one came out great, but the fifteen others before it were terrible. Shooting a concert can be cray hard because the lighting is so unpredictable, and at times it can be strait up horrible. For example Alex’s performance consisted of three red lights, which was awful to shoot in. I had my settings all the way up to ISO 2600 at a shutter of 1/150 and was still getting crazy amounts of grain, grain that couldn’t even be saved by Lightroom editing. Thankfully the next parts were well lit.

During this shot the lights were constantly flashing you you basically had to take ten or fifteen photos and hope that one turned out good and captured the brightest light at the right time, this one was shot at ISO 400, F/1.4 at a shutter speed of around 1/400.

This one was a bit abstract but I like the turnout more artsy as far as concert photography is concerned, at least in my opinion.

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